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Every Medical person 'worth his/her salt' preaches not to eat before going to bed.  None of us take any notice.  Especially 'we' 'creative types' because we know that it leads to strange dreams and sometimes - even new ideas.  I know I haven't written for quite awhile now.  Real life is so much better than 'Second Life.'  Anyway, I have to now.

 I went to sleep the other night and as 'Morpheus's' arms enclosed around me suddenly!  I was transported into the bowells of a dark sweaty dankness of a noisy Concert Arena.  All around me were young teenagers screaming at the top of their lungs and the noise was deafening.  They were wearing bikers leathers with studs and chains ' some not just in their clothing!  I saw that they were making that 'horn symbo'l with the first finger and the little finger of their hands and their arms outstretched.  I looked in the direction they all were focused.  In the distance - I was obviously in the 'cheap seats' - were a motley group of young people about the same age.  there was about  seven in total I should think.

I thought I'd seen it all!  Now I  realise I will have to 'come out of the shadows' as the 'new' 'Mary Whitehouse' because, well,  I nearly had an apoplectic fit at the 'gyrations they were doing with each other and the way they were 'whipping the audience into a frenzy.'

I started moving slowly through the perspiring heaving crowd to get nearer the stage.  The music was a deafening!  The bass a thumping like the thunder of  'Thor's Hammer' this 'new Hot Gossip - that's what they reminded me of -  well no not really!  Hot gossip were a vanilla version of this!!  Then someone I was passing by, on my way to the stage, handed me a bottle I looked at it and it said 'Sasperilla' The only thing we drink' on the label.  I took it and moved on through the throng. The stage was lit up in a dark scarlet red and the floor was a rubberized red.  I squinted through the fug of cigarette smoke and could just make out the group's name   On stage above their heads a sign 'black background and red neon italics stating 'Dante's Hellions!'  I wondered to myself what 'pole-dancing' club have they escaped from?  Then weirdness piled on top of weirdness as they broke out into a cover version of 'Leader Of  The Pack' and I woke up sweating like a pig and found I was back in bed!  I wish I was back there!!!  'Mary Whitehouse? Naayyy. ;)               


I really envy all those gifted Maths Geniuses out there.  I learned from an early age I was Number Dyslexic.  Not that I could convey that fact to my Elders though!!!  My Teachers despaired of me. English was a breeze but Arithmetic was a foreign language to me.  Don't get me wrong I can do the basics add, subtract and simple division.  Its when they started to put a story to the equations that all the problems would begin.  For example.  Four men dig a hole it takes them six hours between them. How long would it take six men?  I was suddenly transported to another world watching these six men digging a hole and and observing what colour their spades were and such!!!  "Mag-rose! Stop gazing out of the window girl!  My poor Teacher would bellow.  That would be the cue for the class swot to reach his hand in the air. "Miss Miss! I know the answer. I would heave a sigh of relief as she left me alone.  I watched dejectedly as he proceeded to enthrall the Class with his grasp of Calc.  I don't know where he is today probably a Nuclear Physicist at Cern! 
Anyway Pythagoras rules! :)     

Jan. 29th, 2008


My Nana came from a small coastal village on the edge of a cadet training camp.

 I had a strange upbringing but she was there when I needed her.  Which was most of the time.  My Cousins were jealous of all the time I spent with her. They made it very clear in their attitude and actions.

The 'Avenue' was not anything out of the ordinary.  It was just a long street leading down to a rough path over MOD land to a beach my mother's family had played on as children.  A place that my Grandfather had collected driftwood and seacoal in the depression years.  There were a lot of old people living down that street.  Mostly old woman who had lost their husbands in the Second World War and even some who had lost their Sweethearts in the First World War!  They made me feel one of the family. I in turn reciprocated this.  I was the happy child who skipped along with a smile for everyone and a polite good morning and a hallo if someone was a stranger.

It is only now, through life's circumstances,  living in an overcrowded and paranoid City that I can finally appreciate my Seaside/Country upbringing.  People tell my all the time that I am 'idolizing' my childhood and that it couldn't have been as good as I retell it.  Well it was!

I have been back to the Village and it has now become a small Town by joining to the Village next to it.  The 'Square' where I played happily on the 'Swings' Ocean Wave, Roundabout and the highest Slide you ever did see has now been ripped up.  What a safe place that was all the Neighbours surrounding the 'Square' looking out incase little John or Katie fell and scraped their knees.  We didn't care that there was gravel on the ground.  It gave you good grip if you were running around.  The only kids I saw hurt themselves did it on purpose.  Attention seekers I was told 'that it is what they are.'  I mostly played in Nana's garden because she had a lot of overgrown plants and the loveliest smelling Roses you would ever smell.  She or my cousins showed my how to make Rose Water from the petals.  I used to run messages for my Nana.  There was a small Food Shop at the top of the street across the road and a man who looked like Mr Pogle but he had brown hair ran it.  From an early age I had to pick out the best cuts of meat.  Choose the best cheese.  Also the tinnned food.  Only one type of Beanz would do for me.  Across the way a VG Store opened and put 'Mr Pogle' out of business.  He couldn't compete with their low prices or the way they were able to source a myriad of new and exciting products.  Our 'Fruit and Veg' came from the Family Business in the next Village.  Then they started up a mobile service which was great for the old people and harrassed young mothers with very young children.  The Co-operative Shop also started a Mobile service about the same time so if people think that supermarkets delivering is a new thing then you can't be very old.  I was lucky that my mother was considered to be the 'Grace Kelly' look a like and because of her looks and her impeccable manners she was treat like a 'Queen' I just want my fellow Bus Passengers to know that it wasn't my fault when the man who drove the bus who had known mum all his life used to divert from the normal Bus route so that my tired frazzled Mum wouldn't have far to walk home.  The company who own that Service now have made this an official Bus Stop.  The Village Policeman was someone you family had grown up with and they new the 'Area' like the back of their hand.  Nothing got past them.  Then came the Seventies and everything changed.  The Police who took over didn't know anyone and the good people of our Village started moving away.

To the geniune 'Dixons of Dock Green' I salute you each and eveyone of you.  I only wish that I had been able to join the force but meeting Karen Ray and Lorraine Powell destroyed that dream.                             


This wonderful Elixir is the second best soft drink I have ever tasted. As a little girl in the North East of England I was introduced to the taste. I think it was because I liked liquorice it was thought that I would like Sasparilla. Oh Boy!  Did I like it!  I couldn't get enough of it.  Our local Off License didn't know what had hit it.  You see I didn't just want to drink it myself I also wanted to tell all who would listen about this wonderful drink.  I was my own worst enemy as many times the shops were sold out and I had to go without. :(  On my last visit to the North East I tried to hunt down a bottle.  I thought they weren't making it any more.  Then I decided to return home via my Father's old Mining Village and wonder of wonders the local Corner Shop there had a bottle. I am living in hope that there will be a Carbonated Sasparilla Drink Revival. 



I don't want to to have the 'wrath of man' come down on my head.  However, I feel that finally I must speak out for the 'humble Kit Bag/Haversack!  We women have for years had all sorts of gimmicky advertising foisted on us so we know a marketing strategy or two when we see them.  The Man-bag seems to be the latest 'ultimate fashion accessory foisted on Men. Men! Wake up and smell the Coffee! These 'tiddly bags' hardly are big enough for all the 'manly paraphernalia' you guys like to hump around with you. Come on admit it? How many of you have spent a fortune on one of these 'leather tooled' accessories only to find that the insides hardly swing a cat!  Then guiltily you creep to your local 'Camping Outfitters' and spend out more money on a 'Rucksack' to carry the extra. I want to start a 'Campaign to bring back the 'Canvas Kit bag' the 'Tardis' of the 'luggage world.'  Come on Guys 'Pack up your Troubles in your old Kit Bag and Smile Smile Smile!      

How is it that one minute you can be skipping merrily along life's highway and the next your hit head on by a literal 'Juggernaut' of 'Real Life' problems?  My family want me to follow one crossroads and I want to follow another. I have been there for them on more ocassions then I can remember.  Now, as I face the biggest dilemma I have ever faced they are not there for me. This is making me 're-evaluate' what is really the most 'important' reasons for going on to face the daunting prospect of a completely new Future. There is someone who I had a duty to take care of but have failed in this regard. I want to say 'sorry' to that person. I hope that when she comes home that we can build a 'new understanding together' and forget the past. The 'RL issue' I have had to face has put everything in stark detail before my very eyes. It takes something like this to realise that the only person who can help you is 'yourself.'  I ask and 'pray' that I will make the right decisions.     



Don't Dwell on the bad only on the Good!

I wish the Joss and James controversy would end!  Come on people there's been what was obviously a very successful Dragon Con/Concert and we have the 'Album,' {PSILY for at least a few seconds], TW, WAT and hopefully more to come!  Lets dwell on all that.  For people who still want to bleat on about it may I refer you to 'Cruise of the Gods' (DVD) starring Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon, (also noted for the first appearance of 'David Walliams and James Corden'] as this puts more than a little 'perspective' on 'fandom' in general in my opinion!    
Just a word to say I might be F/Locking this Journal in the near future. On an international site like this I should have realized that it is easy, without even realizing it or meaning, to offend someones Creed or Culture.  If anyone has felt that since this Journal was opened then please accept my apologies.  I will probably friend lock in a months time if not sooner. 


Not long to go for all you lucky Con goers.  I hope that James is on a high from all the breaks he's had lately and you get some good goss.  Pics too would be nice.  I'm still reeling from reading in the British Press that Joss Whedon and RTD may have had talks.   I won't believe it until I see something official from the men themselves. Why am I reeling? Many moons ago I posted on a James friendly board that the two of them should get together and form an amazing Sci Fi Production company!!!   Do you think if it comes true I should buy a crystal Ball and call myself Mystic Mag? lol