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Every Medical person 'worth his/her salt' preaches not to eat before going to bed.  None of us take any notice.  Especially 'we' 'creative types' because we know that it leads to strange dreams and sometimes - even new ideas.  I know I haven't written for quite awhile now.  Real life is so much better than 'Second Life.'  Anyway, I have to now.

 I went to sleep the other night and as 'Morpheus's' arms enclosed around me suddenly!  I was transported into the bowells of a dark sweaty dankness of a noisy Concert Arena.  All around me were young teenagers screaming at the top of their lungs and the noise was deafening.  They were wearing bikers leathers with studs and chains ' some not just in their clothing!  I saw that they were making that 'horn symbo'l with the first finger and the little finger of their hands and their arms outstretched.  I looked in the direction they all were focused.  In the distance - I was obviously in the 'cheap seats' - were a motley group of young people about the same age.  there was about  seven in total I should think.

I thought I'd seen it all!  Now I  realise I will have to 'come out of the shadows' as the 'new' 'Mary Whitehouse' because, well,  I nearly had an apoplectic fit at the 'gyrations they were doing with each other and the way they were 'whipping the audience into a frenzy.'

I started moving slowly through the perspiring heaving crowd to get nearer the stage.  The music was a deafening!  The bass a thumping like the thunder of  'Thor's Hammer' this 'new Hot Gossip - that's what they reminded me of -  well no not really!  Hot gossip were a vanilla version of this!!  Then someone I was passing by, on my way to the stage, handed me a bottle I looked at it and it said 'Sasperilla' The only thing we drink' on the label.  I took it and moved on through the throng. The stage was lit up in a dark scarlet red and the floor was a rubberized red.  I squinted through the fug of cigarette smoke and could just make out the group's name   On stage above their heads a sign 'black background and red neon italics stating 'Dante's Hellions!'  I wondered to myself what 'pole-dancing' club have they escaped from?  Then weirdness piled on top of weirdness as they broke out into a cover version of 'Leader Of  The Pack' and I woke up sweating like a pig and found I was back in bed!  I wish I was back there!!!  'Mary Whitehouse? Naayyy. ;)               


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