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mag_rose's Journal

I found this poem a while ago and now it has become my favourite: The Northerner - I longed for Spring, After the Winter Gales, And Sleet and Snow,And muddied feet; And when it came, it quickly passed, And Summer followed; And that was fleet. Then Autumn brought Me thoughts of wind And tangy air; And, as a dream forgotten,I woke to the beauty of the trees, Stark and bare, Of branches lashed with Sleet and rain; Of racing cloud and raging sea; And my spirit rose and Bid me greet the winter' Which was part of me. That was by the wonderful and inspiring 'Catherine Cookson' who should have been at the top of my 'interests list' from the beginning. I will not tolerate 'flamers' if that is what you are about please peruse someone elses Journal. I have opened this Journal as a way of expressing myself and intend it to be uplifting and interesting. Pessimists are not allowed!