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Last night there was shit on Tv.   I mean literally!    It is not the sort of Documentary I would usually want to watch.   Would anyone?   However, Hubby was insistent that we should watch it.   Finally I acquiesced.   Boys From The Brown Stuff is about the work, life and loves of a little known band of men who work for 'The Thames Water Company' in the City of London as 'Flushers.'    What are 'Flushers?    'Well to put it as polite as possible they are the vital 'Sewer Workers'  who keep our  'Human Waste'  from clogging up the vast labryinth of  Sewers under the street of the 'London'.   Yes that's right!    They shovel our shit on it's way to the Sea or Treatment Works.    If they didn't the Sewers would seize up and 'London' would grind to a halt!   After initially watching through my hands I began to reallise 'David Clews'  (Producer and Director) had a future award winning Documentary on his hands.   Threaded through the Documentary  was the story about two long standing work colleagues after one Supervisor's position. My only gripe being they only showed one of the candidates being interviewed so without the other one being shown it is difficult to work out how they reached their decision.  Thrown in also,  for good measure was the story of their rivals a group of young men who were being trained as a secondary team.  Though as the youngest man in the first team was over forty it was obvious the second team were being built as more than just back-up!    If you get a chance to watch this Documentary I can assure you it will make you cringe, laugh, and might even bring a tear to your eye.   Look out for it in next years TV awards ceremonies!       


Feeling a little miserable when James announced he is coming to Cardiff in November this year and will do another Concert because there is no way I can go.  Well at least I spent some of my summer hols at Cardiff Bay!  Then to my utter delight I find that Bendy1 has already made some icons from the two Without A Trace James' scenes pics released today. Yippee!!!  Thanks Bendy1. 

New Userpic

All credit to Bendy1 for my new icon.  She has also has some brilliant Saving Grace icons over at her journal just now. Though I can't wait for some Without a Trace ones myself!!!  Oh! Then there's the Torchwood ones. It's going to be so exciting!    


Happy Birthday to James!  I was terrified about reaching the grand old age of Forty Five but when it finally came around in June this year I didn't feel any different. I realise it has a lot to do with Good Health and if you have that you obviously will feel years younger. I hope you have a great day surrounded by family and friends. You have an awesome year to look forward to and I believe it's only going to get even better!    


Every week I waste my time checking all TV Listings for this film.  It's a little known movie mainly been seen by a lucky few TV Viewers across the world and by Film Academics.  There are some ropey (taped off the television) copies floating around but are reported to be so bad they are almost unwatchable! There are all sorts of rumors floating around the Web why this film is unavailable but the main one is that it is due to 'Contractual Rights'.  This quaint film is about a man being transported back in time where he meets his ancestors and falls in love with a beautiful but tragic young woman.  It is high time this film was restored and released on DVD!!!         

Jul. 14th, 2007

Back again with Icon, all credit to  prophcygrl_art. 


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